Homeschool Ceramic Classes


We are starting our Spring Classes on Tuesday, April 16th. They are 6 week classes meeting once a week at the designated class time that works for you and your child. We meet at our home studio in Oak Cliff.

We are now offering a Little Ones class that is for ages 4yrs - 7yrs that will teach them basics and allow them to be creative and get their hands dirty. Nothing too serious, and the short class time will ensure that we have fun before anyone loses interest.

We have a Middle Class that is for ages 8yrs -12yrs. The kids will learn basics of handbuilding with ceramics, but the projects will be a bit more advanced than the Little Ones class. If this is your child’s first time to play with clay, or they like playing with clay but are not curious about more advanced sculpting techniques, this is the class for them.

Our new Sculpting class is for ages 8yrs - 12yrs. If your kid has already learned the basics and are curious about more advanced techniques, this is the class for them. I will be teaching the kids how to sculpt different forms and creatures with water based clay.

The new Advanced class is for ages 13yrs and up. This is for the middle school to high school students who like to build things with their hands. I will be teaching them sculpting techniques in several different mediums: water based clay, wax, and plaster. This class is going to get really hands on and in-depth. The class is 2hrs long to ensure we have enough time to for all of the amazing things we are going to do.

The cost of the classes includes all the materials and tools that your child will need. All you need to bring is a creative mind, and we have the rest. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Sara at