Intro to Glassblowing: 6 week class

Intro to Glassblowing: 6 week class

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Our Intro to Glassblowing class is for beginners interested in diving deeper into the exciting medium of glass as well as experienced glassblowers looking to brush up on the basics. Students will work with one to two other classmates under the instruction of a professional glass artist to learn everything from gathering glass on a rod to blowing basic cups and bowls.  

What's the price? $750 per student.

What's included? 6 three hour classes (18hrs of instruction!!) as well as all materials, tools, glass color, and safety equipment you will need. All you have to do is show up! 

What you can expect to learn. The goal of this course is to give students a general understanding of beginner glassblowing techniques and forms. The curriculum is broken into two 3 week blocks. The first three weeks will focus on studio safety, gathering glass, heating, shaping, and cooling glass, and basic solid forms like paperweights and flowers. The second three weeks will be dedicated to blown glass techniques. We will learn how to start a bubble, how to apply color, basic blown forms like cylinders and bowls, and how to work with a team. 

Email or call/text us today to find out more information and see when our next 6 week class is starting. or (806) 410-1485

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