Welcome to the creative landing pad for the charming, funny, sensitive, devilishly good looking, dare we say power couple, Sara and Clayton Spaulding. We both received our Bachelors of Fine Art from WTAMU in Canyon, TX. After focusing on glass through undergrad and identifying as glass artists for the majority of our artistic career, something started to feel whack. We began to feel as though we were forcing ourselves to think in one dimension, not just creatively but logistically as well. We decided to throw all of our preconceived notions of what an artist career should look like out the window. Instead we decided we would make what we want when we want and thus Blind Bird was born! 

This new venture is completely open to exploring and creating in different mediums, techniques, and styles. We will be using this site to showcase our fine art,as well as leaps/stumbles into home furnishings, utilitarian art, furniture, and whatever else we can cook up. Blind Bird Designs creates a space with limitless possibilities.

Where will this journey take us? Who the hell knows, it's probably why the blind bird was chosen by a mystical shaman as our spirit animal. 

Follow our daily journey on Instagram by hitting the link below.  We are also on Facebook, or hit us up at blindbirddesigns@gmail.com to talk to us directly.